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Catch out your Zip Codes here !!

April 16, 2008


                 Buddies, sometimes we are struggling a lot to find a “Search Article” in any other search engines sites, but since I am working as a database executive in a web based company i hereby informing few sites which could help you to find the Zip / Postal Code / Pin Codes(only in india pin codes), and some sites where you can find the capitals of the state/province.

                     You can ask me why am interested, but the people who are in search know the difficulties behind this, exactly we cannot find the search article what we expect, hence i decided to put a blog on this, so i hope you can enjoy my links accord of your needs….

Zip Code for United States & Canada ( only for united states and Canada, you can find the zip codes, this site is also providing some other details, which i didn’t consider since those were out of my focus…)(type zip code listings of .. (your search article))

All Kind of search : (this is an excellent encyclopedia site where you can find most of your needs, hence i could prefer this very hopefully..)(type list of postal codes .. (your search article))


To Find Capitals of States / Provinces (from this site you can find out the capital cites and their zones and other details accord of your “search article”)


Hope this will be useful to you somewhat way….


Note :

Do remember to reply if you have any more sites, because i never say these is the only sites which are the only sites. there may be numerous sites, ( world is to share, and to be shared )…… all your comments are invited….( am awaiting to share and to learn from your comments )

David Rosdeitcher the zip code man !!

April 9, 2008

Hi guys, I think all of you from United States of America might knew this man, Yeah, he is the Guinness award winner as “Best performer of the year 2000” His name is David Rosdeitcher, he is able to recall 48,000 zip Codes in the United States, and foreign countries, He also able to recommend all the restaurants in the United states of America without fail even in sleeping, he is interested in most improbable and entertaining stories about zip codes, he also have few more talents as like follows,

Basically not only in zip codes he is also interested in juggling clubs and balls in which he got the popularity in the United States,  he is  one of the most  top performers in  juggling, he is able to juggle 7 balls and 5  clubs….


He was born in New York City in April 3rd of 1963, He did his Graduation in Tulane University in  1985 for B.S. (Anthropology), He started his Juggling as hobbies with unicycling in the year 1985 by completing his graduation, He performed his tricks all over the U.S in the period of 1986 – 1991, and began developing zip code act in the year 1991. And at the Disneyworld’s Epcot the was eh star of attraction in 1996. He had performed for trade shows, conventions, colleges in U.S and abroad from 1993 – 1999. He also did foreign act in 1999. He had won the Boulder Award for “Best Entertainer” in the year 2000. He had took place in “Guinness Record Book” for identifying zip codes randomly about 48,000 for United States and more for abroad countries, his performance was telecasted in Fox TV in the summer, 2001.

if you are interested to contact him through mails, dont worry, here is the mail address for his contact…

David Rosdeitcher,

Email :