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Troy the ultimate Movie

April 2, 2008

This is a film which I could not forget in my life, the reason is the presentation of the movie, the stars who performed (lived) their roles, the backdrop every thing supports the movie for its best action… the Hero “Brad Pitt” who performed the role called “Achellies” the brave man of Greece, had lived as Achellies…….


Actually i have had saw this movie for 3-5 times though it is not decreasing my interest since it was a historical event & the event was described with amazing screenplay, claps for the director….


The Director have given the Historic & love moments very wonderfully, Brad pitt just resemble to imagine the brave man of greece called “Achellies” , really a nice performance actor he is…..


In this picture, the scene which you are viewing is seems to be used some graphical technics to show the number of men in a high volume, see the backdrop it is not as clear as like a crew of men… but when you see the same thing in the picture(movie) it appears like a men. I dont know the difference, a good one…..

The character, which was the cause of the TROY war was starred by diane_kruger, because of her beauty the prince of sparta kidnap from her town greece and marry her in sparta, the King of greece will decided to invade sparta and brought all the girls from there to greece and add sparta as territory of Greece. Hence the war began between sparta & Greece, even though the greek people were in high volume, the spartans had faced them very bravely & wisely, but at the end because of the lady-love of the Achellies, the brave man Achellies was shotted down by Arrow in his chest, stomach & toes, hence he died and the remaining of the spartans got escaped.. ( the story doesn’t reveal the victory of greek or Sparta, it reveals the brave man “ACHELLIES”) a nice movie to watch….