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how did he get the success !!…

May 23, 2008


this story reveals the personal life of a person in Madurai(Tamil Nadu, INDIA). The person belongs to a poor family. his father was ran away from the family carelessly. His mother took in charge and brought up him up to his success. but in contrast this story reveals the reason, “how did he get the success”


the Schene opening at an town area Hospital, where the hero was born.

A small & poor crew awaiting for the birth of the child.

a screming sound alerts the relatives of the couple, all the sudden (when the clock strucked 2:20 pm) a nurse appears in front of them and greeted for getting a male child for the next generation. the crew fell in merry to get the child, since it was happened after a great & tremendous prayer to their faith.

they brought up the child with great care and affection,  they gave the better education what could they can !!, he also grew with brave, caurage, knowledge and got the education upto “Diploma in Computer Technology“.

In this period, the hero got lot of bitter, better and useful lessons and experience in his life. now the mother was turned old and not able to earn to lead the family, hence the hero take over the charge after a 6 months of time without an interest in life(since he want to enjoy the life as like a Royal fellow). the great comedy was, the hero didnt know any thing about the job profile in which he was going to work, but god’s grace he learned everything because of his talent & help from the collegues.

He had so many freinds, and in contrast his close friends were as follows:

Ramesh (Computer Hardware & Networking Engineer), Vetri_Chelvam (Care taker of his father’s business, Bottle Recycling), Selva_Kumar (Computer Farms, Machine Operator Cum Chief Mechanic), Anandan (Software Engineer, canada), Ilayaraja (Collection Executive Reliance Insurance, India). Kalaivanan (Apparels Quality Controller), Kannan (Decorator), Vinoth Kumar (Admin Window,exchange server), Fairose Khan (Dubai), Daniel Raj (Travels Owner),.

As stated above, his friends are from various life cycle and from various status, though he used to manage some hard situation which could occur rarely.

He struggled a lot to run his family, in this time, he got another one confusion in the form of a Beautiful but cultureless girlfriend(from different religion), in the beginning, he doesn’t know about her and since it was his first love he fell in love very deeply and very honest to her but not she. With great risk and lot of sacrifice he married her, the love life went very sweetly, but for the shake, the sorrow started to him thourgh religionity through his mother-in-law, who seperated them from their lovely love life. More over, she had illegal relation with his cusin brother who  married her sister. because of this worst and bitter experience he got away from her.

In this situation, as a sweet, A friend who studied with him in his polytechnic college got in touch and given his helping hands to the hero. Now after a very dipressed heart the hero migrated to the capital city of the state, entered into a metropolitan life. He looks everything new and admired the metro politan life. since he have some scar in his heart because of his first wife, this time he was careful in approaching the girls moreover the city girls are entirely different from his hometown. His concentration fell completely in achieving the soffistication of life through earning. He worked hard, earned well, settled his local lending problems at his hometown, rejoiced as like a soldier who defeated the enemy in the war (even though the achievement is very low). He admired and entertained every moment. He thought he have came across his sorrows successfully. he got new freinds from his working admosphere, she keep on chatting, mailing with them whenever he got the time for that.

One day an un-expected mail came from a femail ID, the reply is “Your mails are nice & awesome, Keep in touch”, he wasnot able to understand who was she, later both were wrapped tightly, they got closer, they shared each other’s expectations and interests frankly. One day the girl declared her love sweetly thru an SMS. Now the hero got the confusion whether to accept or to deny the request. Over a deep thought and with doubtful conclusion he replied:”I  love you too dear”.

There started his terning point, when he came to know about her deeply about the background of her, he felt he had mistaken, since the girl was a rich & royal, because he feared that he could loss her as second time, which he could not tolerate in any time, he fainted a lot for this reason. One day he expressed his fear to her, she patiently consoled him with her medicinal and sweet words, then continued their voyage,

One day she gave him Bomb shock, She said: “interested in marriage only if the life will be a rich one, other wise you have to decide further”. Again the hero fainted for a week of time, then slowly he came from his faints and decided to become a big man, he planned to a business, but he didnt do that since it required a lump some amount which could not be able to him, and fought with her regarding her shock. But she replied very cool, “Dear am trying to bring you up in life, but you lazy fellow, still residing the deep poor well. Come on comeup, there is lot to achieve, dont give up yourself, you have the knowledge, will-power, so try to do something, Its also not possible for me to live without you. Hence try to understood me”.

Then he crushed his brain and decided to do a course in computer regarding to his field, the started studying SQL. Obviously he passed the exam in distinction and got the job in a city called “Bangalore,(Karnataka, India)”. He sharpened his talent and eligibility, By the goodness, he got the oppurtunity to go for “London”, as Database Administrator, after a 4 months of time, he explored his love secret to the family of his lady-love. as usuall in the beginning they started to object. but later after enquiring all the details like characteristics and behaviour and status, both family accepted for his love.

the lovers now living happily in North-London,


1) True Love stands for the success, whereas the false one leads for the fall. 2) One who Identify themself, can have their success at their door steps.

True Love Stroy !!

April 3, 2008



The Rain’s Slight Shower with the winter of December ,

The Bangalore City, (Karnataka, India), had changed,

as like the city OOTY( Tamil Nadu, India)…


As Usual I had been waiting for the 7’o Clock Bus at Koramangala

Bus station, near by the parking lot…


I thought “Oh, my goodness, I have I-Pod, unless I can not adjust

One hour traveling time towards the “Electronic City” …..

“Why this it’s raining here, did anybody ask for this in this peak time to Office,”


Few People were also stood there by hanging there Office ID….

“Why these people are always hanging the office ID in their neck like a pitty dog,

Thinking as a “great Software Engineers”, Stupids…

I murmured…….


Among them a girl stood in the extreme corner smiled at me…..

(Shit what a girl she is, why she is laughing at me……)


I caught the seat by the window side and relaxed………


I listen to I-Pod which was an unknown song from an unknown film,


Exactly at 8’o clock, I was in my seat in office, Nobody had arrived…..


Oh god, its appraisal today, I had received an appreciation mail from the on-site people…..

I think I could get good ranking this time, the manager arrived at 10’o clock, the others arrived

5 minutes before, but according to him everybody have had arrived on-time….

If we ask the reason simply they give “Traffic Jam”, but its possible to reach office at 8’o clock

If they start by 7’o clock from residence… but everybody enjoy to caught in the traffic jam..

We cannot change anybody, since the Head is not perfect ….


Exactly at 11’o Clock, appraisal meeting. I took printout for all the essential documents, and went to meeting, inside, the manager awaited for me, this time also they gave me the rank “C”, the reason “ You are not mingling with the team mates”, a foolish reason by the management, these fellows entertain those who are acting like working, they don’t know the real employee…..


Exactly at 12’o clock noon, I prepared for my lunch,

“Karthick, today 12:30 we have project party, where are you going ??!!…..” enquiry from “Hasini”….


“No,.. I don’t like these things, I have replied you in the mail itself, “ with much desperation I replied……


I came back to my seat after lunch, the office looked like a “un-manned earth”, then I started to home by 2’o Clock….  I don’t know what to do, and hence I started reading an English Novel. And fell as sleep ( even I don’t know when did I sleep )……..


When I waked up the clock struck 8’ P.M. I went to a nearest Tiffin centre for my dinner and came back to my home, In a hour I went through 120 channels for 40 times and slept again, the alarm clock did its work perfectly by 6’o clock morning, hence I was there in the stopping by 7’o clock…


The people who would wait for the bus have had been waiting there, the girl who smiled yesterday, also stood there, today also she gifted me a smile.,


As usual I got my widow side seat in the bus and listen to I-Pod.


“Hey. Shall I take this Seat”  a lady voice,…..


When I turn around, even without my permission she took the seat,


I increased the volume of my I-Pod more than the usual, she understood and submerged in an English book…. Even the Bus reached office earlier, I felt it as like a 100 years of time……


I did the Daily Task as usual like a Bull and returned home by 8’o clock… on the next day she traveled near by me…. This continued for week time, …..


After somedays…..


On that day, it was raining (slightly showering !!), I was standing there down to the platform,

On my right side, a young lovers, who are waiting for the bus, doesn’t care about the world and the place where they are standing, they play with their hands (doing some pet mischieves, which not a good thing to entertain in INDIA). Suddenly I got anger than the usual…..


“These fellows never mind about anything, foolish fellows, are they thinking they are in “United States of America” how silly they are behaving,” I was thinking this…..

Suddenly a hand pulled me back to the platform, even before I came to know what was happened at me, an Auto-rickshaw stood at the place where I stood for all the mean time…….

Then I came to my normal feeling, and realized the particular hand  belong to that girl….. while I think to thank her the bus arrived…..


As usual I caught the window side seat and the girl sat near me, now, this time in a very low voice I thank her


ME: “Thanks a lot” !!


SHE:  Oh ., amazing do you know to speak ??….   I have had thought that you are dumb fellow, its gracy……” by hiding the book to her bag she said….


ME: “ No.., am sorry, I think I have insulted you so much…”


SHE:  “Oh no.,,, its nothing Yeah, no problem, don’t feel so much….”

            By-the-way am “Aarthy”


ME: “ Am Karthick “


Today the 60 minutes of bus traveling seems, less than a 60 seconds, Now only I realized that we can express our life-story in a 60 minutes…


After Getting down from the Bus !!……


SHE:  “Karthick….. shall I come with you for breakfast……??, I feel boring to take breakfast alone. My team mates come will come only by 10’o clock ony, shall we…..


ME: “if you have no problem with, I don’t have any objections”…


SHE:  “Why you are speaking so formally”…. Just call me friendly ya… call me Aarthy, that’s all…


ME: “OK., come m’am lets go”


SHE: see again, you are speaking in a formally…..



After that I came back to my work, today I don’t know how do I pass over my task of the day, that much It went away…


The next day …..


As usual bus traveling…


SHE: Hey, I saw you in the canteen yesterday, you was eating alone, Why…..?? don’t you share lunch with your friends, ??…..


ME: No.. am not , I always used to eat alone…


SHE: WHY >>???????????


ME: Just I don’t want to disturb others… More then, I don’t know how to interact with others as like you all……


SHE: “oh no.. who told you like that… would you like to join with me ??,… “


ME: “No, your friends will be there, I feel un-comfortable”


SHE: “no body will be with me, you can join with me for lunch today, tell me your mobile number, I shall call you by noon….”


ME: “ I don’t have a mobile for me ..”


SHE: What, don’t you have a mobile…., “ She exclaimed and said, “how many years are you working as a software engineer ??>>”


ME: “3 years, why is there any rule live only with Mobile Phones..??, I have only extension numbers, even nobody will call for that number, rarely my county men will speak to me through my friend’s mobile phone….


SHE: “ok tell me your extension number : “ she noted..


I shared my breakfast and lunch with her today., today also I don’t feel the burden of the day….



The next day …..


SHE: “Hey, Why you are wearing shirts like this, like an old man, cant you wear bright shirts, don’t use these kind of dull colour shirts “


ME: “Why, its good, what-up for this shirt “

 “Normally I don’t look for colors at all. Simply I will choose If I like the shirt. “


SHE:  “ok .. this weekend, we are going for shopping to purchase a mobile phone and 4-5 shirts for you “ ..


ME: “ Why do I need a mobile phone ??….”


SHE:  “ Yesterday Night I tried to call you, but since you don’t have a mobile, am not able to contact you, “……


ME: “ Really ????????………”


SHE:  “Yes, its true, so we are going for that by the weekend…”


ME: “ ok”…..


On the weekend we went for shopping,


SHE:  “ buy the latest model, unless you would have to change it in future …”


ME: “no, I don’t need latest one, I just need a simple  mobile, and I am not interested in costly mobile phones also …”


SHE: “ Yu.. Shut up… you don’t know any thing, I will select for you, “


ME: “ok its up to your wish…”



Finally, we selected a mobile for me, which was aroung Rs. 10,000 /- and above, I got the service provider from AirTel Network, from that, she dialed her number and give it to me and asked me to speak, even I fell shy to speak in such a distance, she never mind about that…



SHE: “ Did you see, I am the first person to talk with you in your mobile and my number is the first dialed number”


ME: “ok.. everybody is looking, like something wrong ., come lets go.. “


On the same day we bought, 5 shirts for me which was above Rs. 1,500 /-


Afte reaching the home she called up me back, and spoke to me……



ON Monday morning, at office ……


Hasini : “ Hi karthick, looking good in new shirt, is it a mobile in your hand ?? “

She exclaimed…..


ME: “Yeah, I bought this recently …..”


Rajiv: “ Don’t you give us, your  number ?!!….”,(colleague) he kid me …..



ME: “Yeah, sure, have it , this is  my number…..”

I gave my number to them and they gave me miss calls, I stored all their numbers

I received the call from Aarthy by 11’o clock,


SHE: “ Karthick, today I have project meet, hence I cannot share lunch with you, kindly adjust please….”


ME: “Ok.. I’ll take care…”


Karthick you have had bought new mobile phone, any thing special… ?? a kidding voice from my manager on my back..


ME: “Nothing like that sir, I just thought to buy a mobile, Hence I did so….”


Manager: “Ok, today noon, we have a get together, everybody have planned to share lunch with each other and you must also participate in that…..


ME: “Sure, definitely I will be there……”


On that day, I share my lunch very happily with everybody, I feel., “ I had lost something so far., and a great mistake I have did”….


I just feel a turning point in my life with a blossoms of bunch of flowers with butterflies around it.. a colorful change…..


I don’t know how fast that month had passed out. Everybody in my team became my friends, I cant imagine even a 5 minutes to keep silence by not to speak with them.. And all the credit goes to “AARTHY”……..


Somedays later…….


SHE: “ Karthick, this weekend I have planned to go to Chennai(Tamil Nadu, India), I don’t know when will I get back, I think it will take some time for that, But you should keep going on only like this…….” Ok ….??? 


ME: “Why you are speaking like this, any problem ?? ……”


SHE: “nothing like so, I just came to know my father is ill there, hence I told you that….”


ME: “Then ok… Yeah, don’t forget to call me, I could feel happy if it is happened often…. “


SHE: “Definitely I will do ……..”


After her departure to Chennai, am not able to work for 2 – 4 days, later I convinced myself and started to normal life….


It happened for a week…….

It happened for a month……..


But she didn’t came back, also even she didn’t call me ……… later after a month


Somebody: “Hello, Is it Karthick ??…..”


ME: “Yes, ofcourse …..”


Somebody: “am Aarthy’s brother, can you please come to Chennai Apollo Hospital, she want to tell you something finally ……..” his voice was broken and shivering……


“Finally”….  This word make my heart to stop beating…..


ME: “Why, what happened to Aarthy …..”


Her Brother: “ You come here, we are not in the stage to tell you right now…. Once you reach Chennai give a call to this number, I will come and pick up you here…….


That particular number was stored in my heart, suddenly I started to Chennai directly…..


Her brother picked me up to the hospital, some problem for aarthy in her spinal card, they had gave her treatment for the past one year, but unfortunately It have affected the brain, I cannot understand anything,



In the hospital, she appeared like a dried flower, but the fragrance was still there.,,,,, some what stage which was able to speak… her brother went away to see the doctor….. I don’t have a single word,….

My Eyes were filled with the pond of tears…..


SHE: “ Karthick, please don’t cry, its making me to feel hard……”  she pleased…..


ME: “Why, Aarthy , why didn’t you tell me single word about this issue………..”


SHE: “ I know well I wont be alive, but my parents belived a lot, since they are treating here something which I don’t like, I got the transfer to Bangalore,


After a minute of silence…


SHE: “ When I saw you on the first day, I felt a desperation in your eyes……..” she continued…….

            I thought, you don’t know about the joy of the life, since I started to speak with you in the beginning, but !!, when the days passed out, even that itself made me to feel happy, since you feel bad, I hide my issues to you……..



ME: “No, my dear AARTHY, nothing would happened to you, you wont go any where, without me, I wont leave you alone…..  Trust me……  I love  you my dear…. I love you so much,”….. I cried…….

Final words from her….



SHE: “ You can observe me on all the things which you see, Its like speaking with me when you speak with anybody else…. Ok… I am always with you ….. ok….. calm down.. am allllwaaaysss wittttttt………..”


My sweet heart’s breath mingled with me before completing what she wanted to tell to my-self…..

After staying there in Chennai for a weak time I returned to Bangalore……



Morning 7’o Clock…..


As usual like a small rain dropped from the sky….



Somebody:  “Shall I sit here ???……….”



ME: “Oh, Sure.. “  and Iam “karthick”


Somebody:  “am balaji”


(I just speaking with AARTHY)………