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Morals for the day !!

April 10, 2008

The Lines which are marked in red color is the moral of this story

The little farm on the hill was some what lonely spot. There was just a farm, few hens, two cows and lone horse.But the farmers consolation was that of late the farm had started producing a good harvest. Just that year, there had been enough surplus left over after the harvest for him to store up in the granary for future use. The farmer was hopeful that his farm would start earning the profits that he desperately wanted.

The Harvest was good for the next few years and the litle foarm prospered. It grew in stature and size. zNow it sprawled out over the hillside. there were more hens, more cows and an entire stable full of horses. The farmer had even bought pigs and goats. He was now thinking of expanding his farm in to a poultry farm, may be even a dairy. He was very excited. But when he told his wife of his plans, she was wary, “my dear, I would put aside something for emergencies, ” She warned. “Anything can go wrong. You need to plan for everything it’s not wise to invest all your money”.

But the farmer was not ready to listen to her. Carried away by his plans, he went ahead and invested everything , setting up a fine poultry farm and a new dairy. he had just finished paying all the money that was required for such a large enterprise when winter set in. And that years winter was bitterly cold. So cold that all the winter crops died, So cold that the little farm was snowed in and many of the farmer’s animals including the fat hens in the poultry died of cold. So cold that the granaries emptied rapidly, and there was no food on the farm. And after the cold, came the rain. It rained and rained, finishing off whatever hope of survival was left.

When he sun shone brightly again, it was too late. The por farmer was forced to sell his poultry farm and the new dairy in oder to pay for the restoration of his old farm and the losses caused by the poor yield and the dead animals. REmorsefully, he told his wife. “you were right, my dear. I should never have put all my eggs into one basket.

MOrals of the day !!

April 1, 2008

Hi Everybody !!

Every day in our Life is a golden Opportunity to live our life Happily, hence live your life accord of your wish, you have born to live, not living because of your birth……


Enjoy every moment in the life, learn the lessons taught by the life to you, rectify your mistakes, take away your sorrows, take over your difficulties, beat your enemies, have a playful mind with youngers, live the life every moment…..


Have faith in god, pray for god on accord of your faith, trust the faith, afraid to overrule the faith, do good things, think good, then you’ll ever get the good ……


And finally at the end of the day recall your activities on the day which had passed out, and Organize the thing to do list for the next day, try to do some meditation for a minimum of 1/2 an hour, make your mind peaceful, drop all your worries, Pressure, targets, on the next day you will wake up with a clear & bright mind to face any kind of difficulties……


Have a nice day !!………..

Good Morning !!

April 1, 2008

Hi everybody,

I have posted upto 24 blogs still am not recognized  by the bloggers, hence I hereby request you all to give me a suggestion to post  a good blog in the site and get all your friendship, since am a fresher in this field i couldn’t get the details to blog overall…  expecting your comments / suggestions / advices / warnings / teachings, anything it may be just a click gives me a lesson & Pleasure for you…..

Too Good……

March 20, 2008

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