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Beautiful & Short Love Story !!

April 30, 2008

Man : “Will You Marry me ? Darling !!!” (by a passionate hug & kissing, he asked)

No: “No” (She simply replied)

They lived happily there after ……… (Seperately)

If Oil Price still increase…….

April 10, 2008

If Oil Price still increase…….

The world is worrying, because of rise in petrol price, hence in future the human can decide this alternative ideas, Aeroplanes will be launched with the help of bird’s wings instead of petrol wings….

On road, Cars will be pulled by the Horses, this is to utilise the horse power (wow….) instead of Machine power…

While riding over the snow dogs, and wolf will be used to drew the car…..

To Ride in a High Speed or some sort of Vehicles like “Ambulance” etc., may use this kind of technology, Nice one isn’t it ????

Charger Batteries can be used for Heavy vehicles….

In future there wont be a sport called “Motor Sport ” There will be only dog, cow, horse sport ( what a hell pa ….)

And the last but not least (Funny Comment About INDIAN Bike Company)

Petrol price hiked by Rs. 4.00!!!!!!!

So Bajaj Auto launched another fuel saver bike…..

After The SUCCESS of ………





fun & fun only !!

March 27, 2008





I hope you all might enjoyed my blog, leave your comment, frankly, what ever it is…..

fun & fun only !!

March 26, 2008

Lighter side of Poems……..To make U Smile  


Roses are red, violets are blue  

Monkeys like you should be kept in the zoo. 


Don’t feel so angry, you will find me there too                            

Not in a cage but laughing at you…     


Twinkle Twinkle little star                                                

You should know what you are                                              

And once you know what you are                                            

Mental hospital is not so far.   


The rain makes all things beautiful.                                      

The grass and flowers too.                                                

If rain makes all things beautiful                                        

Why doesn’t it rain on you?   


I wrote your name on sand it got washed.                                  

I wrote your name in air, it was blown away.                              

then ~ I wrote your name on my heart And….


I got a heart attack straight away…   


God saw me hungry, HE created pizza.                                      

HE saw me thirsty, HE created Pepsi                                        

HE saw me in dark, HE created light                                        

HE saw me without problems, HE created YOU.   


Newton’s Law of Romantic & love……


Universal law:

“Love can neither be created nor be destroyed; only it can transfer


One girlfriend to another girlfriend with some loss of money “


First law:


“A boy in love with a girl, continue to be in love with her and a girl

in love with a boy, continue to be in love with him, until or unless

any external agent(brother or father of the gal) comes into play and

break the legs of the boy. “


Second law:


“The rate of change of intensity of love of a girl towards a boy is

directly proportional to the instantaneous bank balance of the boy and

the direction of this love is same to as increment or decrement of the

bank balance. “


Third law:


“The force applied while proposing a girl by a boy is equal and

opposite to the force applied by the girl while slap.

Too Good……

March 20, 2008

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