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this is called “SELF-CONFIDENCE”

May 9, 2008

An absolute Example for Confidence, its not mere to say “this is the CONFIDENCE”

About India !!

April 10, 2008

INDIA is one of the most ancient country in the world, which smiles for its richest heridity, Democracy, Natural Wealth, Agricultural Background, Traditional aspects, Unity in Diversity, Economy, Education, Information Technology, Man Power, Arm Power etc….

right now it has 27 states and 8 union territories, refer here

Though it has all those pride, its degrading factor is the political background nowadays, since the impure politics and politicians. Its pride was in peak when it was scattered in to pieces and ruled by numerous kings. Till the invade of Mughals and English people it out stand for its foreign trade for silk, Gold, Cereals, Cotton & Jute Exports, The Mughal emperors swallowed some richness from INDIA to their country like “Kajini Mohammed” and former invaders, though it had lost something, even after the invading part it stood for its richness, since the invaders love to live in this beautiful country, they conquired some capitals, and made it as their headquarters, they made a historic events in INIDA, for this we can give an example of the “King Akbar”. Even though he was an Invader, he had contributed some good ideas to avoid the supersticious aspects which were followed by the ancient indians (like SATI, which sentenced the wife into fire (lively) after the death of husband).

Then after the Mughals, Obviously the English people captured some part of the country in the beginning and after that they occupied the entire INDIA from the hands of all other kings, I dont want to say the English men did the worst for the INDIANS, because they have given us lot of prosperities like LAWs, Political Ideas, importantly the “English Language”. But in the period of british rule, Indians suffered a lot because of their slavy ruling..

Even before the English people & Mughals, India was used to fight within their states (which was known as seperate countries) on those days, the conflicts between two kings made the gateway for the foreign invaders, because of Ego, Jealous and Guilty, the Indian kings made the war between their enemy kings and start supported english people without knowing the cunningness behind their plan. that was the first cause for the fall of indian emperors, ( the I wish to thank a lot for the british people to introduce, decency, literature, language, LAWs etc ) Step by Step the english people started to conquire the entire INDIA and defeated all the kings and made strong foundation for the EAST INDIA COMPANY. which acted as a port during the world war.

Because of the great effort of the gandhiji india got its freedom on august 15, 1947, and celebrated its Independence day on January 26 every year after that….. Now India had proved its efficiency through its manpower ( but not equal to china / Japan ), But still India have to learn a lot from its Neighbouring countries, like china, sri lanka…

It Have been stated its new pace in the field of growth through the information technology, since the indians are well and good enough in handling/maintaining/Software/Networking/BPO its now well known and popular around the globe, the foreign countries are giving the reason that the manpower and the cost given to the indian outsourcing companies are 10 times less than the normal norms given to their citizen, hence the development of indian economy starts from there…

hope to keep going….. Cheers Everybody…..

Troy the ultimate Movie

April 2, 2008

This is a film which I could not forget in my life, the reason is the presentation of the movie, the stars who performed (lived) their roles, the backdrop every thing supports the movie for its best action… the Hero “Brad Pitt” who performed the role called “Achellies” the brave man of Greece, had lived as Achellies…….


Actually i have had saw this movie for 3-5 times though it is not decreasing my interest since it was a historical event & the event was described with amazing screenplay, claps for the director….


The Director have given the Historic & love moments very wonderfully, Brad pitt just resemble to imagine the brave man of greece called “Achellies” , really a nice performance actor he is…..


In this picture, the scene which you are viewing is seems to be used some graphical technics to show the number of men in a high volume, see the backdrop it is not as clear as like a crew of men… but when you see the same thing in the picture(movie) it appears like a men. I dont know the difference, a good one…..

The character, which was the cause of the TROY war was starred by diane_kruger, because of her beauty the prince of sparta kidnap from her town greece and marry her in sparta, the King of greece will decided to invade sparta and brought all the girls from there to greece and add sparta as territory of Greece. Hence the war began between sparta & Greece, even though the greek people were in high volume, the spartans had faced them very bravely & wisely, but at the end because of the lady-love of the Achellies, the brave man Achellies was shotted down by Arrow in his chest, stomach & toes, hence he died and the remaining of the spartans got escaped.. ( the story doesn’t reveal the victory of greek or Sparta, it reveals the brave man “ACHELLIES”) a nice movie to watch….