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i need a job !! as a Database Developer in MS-SQL.,

May 30, 2008

Hello everybody,

                             any one those who are interested in helping others can let me know about the openings for the database Developer / management & planning in MS-SQL, since i have had worked as a databse executive & currently working as a database developer, where the responsibilites are to manage the database , storage, server security,  user management etc., i have the experience around 0-6 months and my total working experience is around 7+ years. those who are interested can help me….


expecting your kind comments & replies…..

frustated !!

May 30, 2008

I dont know why people who are visiting my blogs are not able to give a comment on the blogs which they see,.

Else can you give a suggestion to build a blog such that to receive the comments.

oh my dear friends,  give your suggestion, ideas, scraps…etc.,  


ding dong bell

PUse is in the well,

hope you wont give me cell..

Amazing Story !!……..

May 22, 2008

Once up on the time !!









Long Long ago,










in ……… …….. ………. B. C















There lIved a wild , hunting, terrific fox.,,,,,,

























Now Close the Story Box…….













The End……..

Comedy ….

May 19, 2008

Modern paintings…..

April 18, 2008