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Amazing Story !!……..

May 22, 2008

Once up on the time !!









Long Long ago,










in ……… …….. ………. B. C















There lIved a wild , hunting, terrific fox.,,,,,,

























Now Close the Story Box…….













The End……..

Comedy ….

May 19, 2008

Modern paintings…..

April 18, 2008

My passionate Hero !!

April 15, 2008

Yeah, Its no doubt, The Master Batsman “Sachin Tendulkar” is my ultimate passionate hero through out my life, I cannot imagine such a batsman, His style, His stroke, His gaming, His power, His bowling, everything attracted me so much, just now i went through the detailed subject of my master ” Sachin Tendulkar”. Basically When i was introduced in the field of Cricket ( till now i know one & only the cricket ), he was shining the “World cup 1996” that was the period I started cricketing,

Particularly I did not know much about him, since i didnt have a television to watch the match in which he was shined at that time, but when i got the oppurtunity later, i fell as his slave in cricket, I never used to watch any India Vs Somebody series in the absence of “Sachin Tendulkar” in the team. I would like to refer the wikipeida page just to know full details of my ultimate cricketter..

See this page : U will definitely like the page to watch : Sachin Tendulkar