My passionate Hero !!

Yeah, Its no doubt, The Master Batsman “Sachin Tendulkar” is my ultimate passionate hero through out my life, I cannot imagine such a batsman, His style, His stroke, His gaming, His power, His bowling, everything attracted me so much, just now i went through the detailed subject of my master ” Sachin Tendulkar”. Basically When i was introduced in the field of Cricket ( till now i know one & only the cricket ), he was shining the “World cup 1996” that was the period I started cricketing,

Particularly I did not know much about him, since i didnt have a television to watch the match in which he was shined at that time, but when i got the oppurtunity later, i fell as his slave in cricket, I never used to watch any India Vs Somebody series in the absence of “Sachin Tendulkar” in the team. I would like to refer the wikipeida page just to know full details of my ultimate cricketter..

See this page : U will definitely like the page to watch : Sachin Tendulkar

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