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Hi Friends !
I started thinking to learn SQL & to get a career in database field just by 2 months ago. But basically my financial balancings are so poor to handle the studies, hence i decided to learn through my friends who knew it well, one of them gave me the IDEA about the site called “www.w3schools.com” in which all the software tutorials, syntaxes and examples are given clearly & easily.

The site have segregated its path to each software in the introduction page. Further once you choose your options, it leeds you to the peak of the knowledge through teaching the fundamentals and basics. hence I would like to suggest you, if you have an idea to learn any software means, you can consider this site for your fundamental knowledge.

Prabhu Sivaraman.

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One Comment on “Looking for Learning ???….”

  1. SRash Says:

    Thanks friend for your great help… Its really nice to share…

    Education is the only thing we can increase even by sharing it to all…

    Great Work!!

    Keep Sharing…

    Learn & Let other to Learn!!


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